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May 22nd- scraggly elf still loose

So we left tonight's adventure in King Leonas' bedroom.  It is undecided whether the party will venture into the castle sewers in search of this mysterious elf woman.

Tonight's adventure started in the town of Ferndale.  The adventurers were soon summoned to join the war, but upon reaching Brighton, they discovered they were to be used as nothing more than night watchmen.

The king had some suspicious things to say about possible espionage plans against Lavinia.  Why did he share so much with a couple farmers and a bartender from Ferndale?

Upon the party's first patrol they spotted a dark figure approaching the castle wall.  Once confronted, the (now determined to be) elven woman summoned a wolf to attack the party then ran away, later climbing over the castle wall and sneaking into Brighton (but not before Ogden got her good with a crossbow bolt).

Othilian was able to track her blood to the castle moat and then found a couple openings to the castle sewer system which could easily be infiltrated by those with evil intentions.

And so our adventurers are left to debate whether or not they will explore the sewers…


If you haven't checked it out yet, I posted some Geography and important people information on the wiki page.

Character Creation

Post any thought on character background and general knowledge. It's a small farm town so I assume we know some general information about the population…including eachother…


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